What on the world is going on in there?

by teacherintraining21

As I dropped my students off for music class on Monday, the music teacher asked if my cooperating teacher and I could come back a little early so that the kids could show us what they have been working on. Of course we came back and I am so glad we did! The students performed for us a musical version of the Three Little Pigs story, complete with motions and all. It was so entertaining and gave me somewhat of a glimpse into what they do in music class. Since that wonderful performance, I have found myself thinking about my students and wondering what they do in their specials classes. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I have no idea what they do in any of their specials classes. I started to wonder if I should know what they are doing in these classes. It could be helpful to know what they are learning in these classes and who seems to really excel in these areas. I could incorporate these into my curriculum and find ways to reach all students better. But how? I have seen how busy the classroom teacher is, and I’m sure the specials teachers are just as busy. Is it realistic to talk with all of the specialist teachers or visit their classes? Is there a way to collaborate more?